Chronicles of Ava

I love RPG, I think the vast majority of games I’ve played have been in that genre.  But strangely enough, as long as I’ve been in SL, I’ve never role-played anywhere.  I recently came across a blog that describes the adventures of someone who role-played Gor.  Of all the RP sims in SL Gor would be the one that I would never consider for myself.  However, reading Ava’s story was fascinating.  It not only gave me in insight into what it was like to RP Gor, it also gave me an insight into why all sorts of people enjoy it.

If you’d like to read the Gor tales of the Chronicles of Ava the blogs are here:

After reading the first few parts of Ava’s story, we agreed that she would take me to some of the places mentioned so I could get a feel for the places and people.

I met Ava at LR Weapons in order to get meter so I was definitely shown as OOC (out of character) once we entered the sims.  Ava’s outfit is really stunning and I had to take a picture of her before we set off on our journey.

I met ava small
When I met Ava
we arrived at the dockside - first sim small
We arrived at the docks which is a safe area

The first place that we were heading to was the camp for the Panther Girls known as Dani’s Band.

on the way to dani's camp small
On our way to Dani’s camp
camp 1 sm
Dani’s band’s camp

At the camp I met Mia who used to be named Lips.  Mia is a kajira, a female slave.  I discovered that an owner can rename their kajirae, hence her name change.

I don’t know much about Gor so when I queried Mia’s status as a kajira or slave Ava said: “Yes she is. I was responsible for arranging her training, she was about a week in SL when she was brought to my tavern.  She served in the tavern and nearby camps to gain experience and I sent her to the Gorean Campus, a training and info place to study their Kajira Foundation course.  I’m very proud how she turned out into a great RPer.

mia used to be lips small
Mia (previously known as Lips)

When in the camp we met Sonia one of the owners of the sim.  Sonia is also a co-owner of the Gazette of Gor (along with Mariko Marchant), and kindly directed me to the offical page for Dani’s Band of Panther Girls, whose camp we were visiting.  According to the offical website, in addition to being one of the sim owners, Sonia is “the great Panther and former SE of the band … replaced by Dea.  She is now an Elder of this band and also their spiritual guide.”

Sonia one of the owners of the sim small

A couple of moments after arriving at the camp the cry went out that the camp was being raided, so to keep out of the way of the combat we hid behind the tents.

hiding from the raiding party small
Hiding behind the camp to avoid the raiders!

Once the raid was over we were able to gather around the campfire.  At this point we were joined by Sigmond who had helped Ava heal when she had been injured after her tavern had burnt down.  The prescription he wrote was:

Lady Ava has an amoebic infection from being  submerged in the river  recently. There is not much  we can  do  except  build  her bodies  defences up and  help  her  purge the infection. Here is  what I want her  to have.

  1. She  needs plenty  of fresh clean water and or  tea. Cherry Bark and cinnamon  bark in particular.. Mint tea if her stomach get upset
  2. Feed her plenty  of  fruits and melons. Cherries in particular.
  3. Leaving  her a mild antibiotic to  take  twice a day..
  4. No cheese, but mildly spices suls and lean meats in small amounts.

Make  sure  everyone  follows this. I will check on her  as  well.

Thank you

Sigmond Jones, Physician

Sigmond Jones the healer and Ava

After bidding everyone a warm farewell, Ava and Mia took me to visit the Outpost which is a supply hub for numerous wares. It’s a very attractive setting, but the fact that slaves were also “traded” here amongst other things made me sad.  As much as I am aware that role play is always consensual, initially I was reminded of why I had never considered Gor as a role-playing setting in which I would feel comfortable.  However, I am once again reminded of how varied Second Life is and how it caters to so many people so we can live another life in a safe and entertaining way.  Having spoken to Ava about the Outpost she explained to me that although it was used for trading slaves, it was so much more.  Ava acknowledged that she had had similar reservations prior to getting involved.

Entering the Outpost

Ava said, “It was/is used for trade RP as well as having a tavern for social RP.  The place being empty and the slave branding post would understandably give you the impression you got.  I had a shop/home there in its previous incarnation.  That’s the location, if not same buildings, as I mention in my story.”

I was beginning to see how the social aspect of Gor was the point of it – the roles that different people take are their own choice.  They spend long hours learning the lore of Gor and get much joy and satisfaction in not only playing their roles but in being able to compliment the many others who are doing the same.  Many people in RL like to play roles, either in a LARP setting or as part of BDSM.  I realised that my prejudice had been borne of lack of knowledge.  Because of this, I encourage anyone who is curious about roleplaying to seek out different people to actually show you what is involved in different communities, rather than making assumptions.

in the outpost
Mia, Sweet & Ava at the Outpost

We then visted the Ikerei Camp.  There wasn’t anyone around to speak to here, but I was very much struck how unique each of the sims were.  So much care and attention had been spent to create a specific look and atmosphere.

At gate ikeri sm
Entering the Ikerei Camp
ikeri sm
The Ikerei Camp

Before we left, Ava showed me the me the point from which it was possible to see her tavern burn down.  Unfortunately, that sim no longer exists.  But as we stood there looking out over the water to where a sim had existed where much entertaining and meaningful roleplaying had happened,  I could feel the poigniancy of the moment.

showing where tavern could be seen sm
Ava showing Sweet from where the tavern could originally be seen when it burnt down

As I left, I realised that I had made a lot of assumptions about a lot of different things concerning Gor.  It made me realise that I needed to keep my mind open to new experiences in not only real life but in this fabulous world Second Life.  We are all so privileged to be able to live amazing roles in beautiful and unique landscapes in this world called Second Life.

Style Guide/Credits:


Dress: Arwen’s Creations {AS} Grace ~ Pure White & Gold Trim & Omega Appliers
Hood & Veil Set: Arwen’s Creations {AS} Grace Mesh Hood & Veil Set ~ Gold & Gold Accents
Backpack: Old Worlds OW Medieval backpack 2 by Katrina Kristan from Old Worlds
Leather belt:  Zariah Sahara
Makeup .:Glamorize:. Sweet Combo – Lips Eyes


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Hair: [NYNE] ‘Ayena’ Hair – OMBRE TONE PACK
Necklace: Chaos, Panic & Disorder :*:CPD:*: Gothic Cross Necklace
Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Clara *Group Gift*
Dress: Oubliette– Taupe Medea Gown (add to unpack)

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