I haven’t had the opportunity to get round half of the Skin Fair yet, there really is so much yumminess to take in.  But I saw this fantasy skin set from Stargazer Creations, complete with wings, hair and eyes and I just had to blog it!  Roceperia is a fabulous fantasy fairy, so beautiful!  I managed to find a location that did it justice when I stumbled across the Forbidden Mountains which is divided into two locations, one is a white fantasy and the other is a lush green location made in homage to Lord of the Rings!



Style Guide:

Body/Head: AltamuraBa: *CLODET* Bento FullBody Special Limited Edition
Shape: Own
Skin/eyes/hair/wings: [Stargazer Creations] Skin Set – Roceperia
Mesh Eyes: Omega System Kit – Eyes v.1.3
Pose/prop: Po^Z Bento- Mood is light ( prop Included )
Location: Forbidden Mountains

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  1. Reblogged this on Stargazer Creations and commented:
    Amazingly beautiful!


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