The best way to use your newly found reanimation as one of the undead?  To dance of course!

So the other day I was bemoning that I didn’t manage to pick up the free Juliet mesh body from Altamura at the eBento event.  Lo and behold someone mentioned in a group chat that it was still availabe as a group gift if you joined the Altamura group (which is only L$ to join)!  So off I toddled and snagged myself a real bargain.  I thought it was fair to have a few more group gifts in this post.  My new Altamura body is teamed with a few group gifts from CURELESS [+] and a group gift (skin) from Go&See.  I have marked the items which are group gifts below.



Style Guide:

Body/Head: Altamura Ba: *JULIET* Bento FullBody – Currently a group gift $L50 to join group
Shape: Own
Eyes: Omega System Kit – Eyes v.1.3
Please note the next few items come from CURELESS [+] – it costs L$99 to join the group at this store.
Eyes Applier: CURELESS [+] Cat Eye Syndrome / GROUP GIFT
Scarification: CURELESS [+] Divine Delineation / GROUP GIFT
Bodysuit: CURELESS [+] Stamina Bodysuit / GROUP GIFT
Skin: Go&See * Aida * August ~ Gift – Pale GROUP GIFT
The group at Go&See costs L$ 199 to join but you can get many great group skins from previous months.
Hair: :::Sn@tch Autumn Hair (NATURALS):::
Shoes: AZOURY – Charnel Ballet Shoe {Cream}
Poses: Own
Backdrop: Adorably Strange Wares ~ASW~ The Dare To Dance Backdrop
Location: Own Photostudio

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